Sunday, September 19, 2010

My ATC Holder Design Entry

The Blissfull ATC Swap Site is having a ATC Holder Design Contest. I hemmed and hawed over whether or not I was going to enter this challenge until I ran across this cute, box made to resemble a handbag, at a garage sale on Saturday. It was the perfect size for my ATC's, and I loved the shape of the box. My first thought was to embellish it as a purse, however the more I thought about what it was going to hold, the more I changed my mind. I decided to create a vintage piece of worn luggage. For me the suitcase represented travel, and our ATC's definitely travel all over the country from one swapper to another.
Voting for this challenge starts on September 20th, and only lasts for a few short days. All of the entries can be viewed at the Blissfull ATC Swap Site. After viewing the entries if you would like to vote for mine would you please submit your vote by sending an email to

Thank you for stopping by to view my entry and taking the time to vote, I really appreciate it.

Below are a few more photos of my Vintage Luggage piece for you to view.

Above is the Vintage Luggage Tag.

A closeup of the Vintage Stickers.

A few more stickers...

And more stickers...

Above is a closeup of some of the wear and tear that I created to enhance the aged look of the vintage luggage.

The winner of the ATC Holder Design Contest will have the opportunity, if they wish, to show how they made their entry. For that reason I have held off on sharing the techniques and products I used to create my Vintage Luggage piece.

Please don't forget to vote at, starting on September 20th, for a few short days only. Thanks!

Until Next Time... Take Care!


  1. Oh wow, this is gorgeous!!! I'm going over to vote for you!!!
    xox Cindy

  2. Just wonderful. I will go vote now.

  3. this is what can I say but wow. You are a very talented lady. hugs

  4. What a great idea you had and you achieved perfection with it. I love your little ATC holder. It is awesome. Good luck in the contest. You got my vote!

  5. Love the little tote! Especially the crackled effect. I posted your ATC. You are a blessing to me!

  6. Hi Sherry, thanks for stopping by. I mailed my ATC to Denisa and forgot to take a picture of it. I had already entered by ATC holder several days ago. Can't wait to get mine. I will post mine after Denisa receives it. I love your holder. I am not sure how many times we can vote.

  7. Hi Sherry - Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my box.

    Yours is super clever, love how it shows some wear on it as well as the meaning behind it! Love the suitcase design too, great job!

  8. wow Sherry...

    Awesome box...cannot wait to see how you distressed it...thanks for visiting me today....

    good luck....


  9. I love, love, LOVE it!!! This is so cute. Good luck in your contest! I'm going to vote for you!

  10. Hooray! I voted for you! :)
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!
    Talk to you again soon!
    Taylor Kay

  11. I love the little luggage look. I think it's the perfect ATC holder. Good luck!

  12. Cindy sent me and I am glad. Voted for you. this is so sweet.

  13. oh this is darling, you'll get my vote!

  14. I love really looks great and is a wonderful ATC holder !


  15. Your ATC is great! I think travelling luggage totally fits! If I wasn't repeatedly voting for MYSELF, I'd be voting for you!
    Just kidding; I only voted for myself once..really!
    Seriously, great job. I think everyone did great!
    Take care,

  16. I love this, it's gorgeous. I just sent in my vote!

  17. Congratulations on your One Lovely Blog Award From Create With Joy!

    I am your newest follower!
    Please follow back, I would greatly appreciate it!
    Quick Tattletails

  18. Sherry this is gorgeous! I'm off to vote for you :0)


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