Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trash or Treasures?

Today was Saturday and during the summer months that means garage sales!! I wish that I could say that I have always loved vintage items since I was a child, but that is just not the case. Vintage and old worn out distressed items has been an acquired taste for me, kinda like blue cheese dressing. Yes, I like blue cheese dressing... So every since then garage sales have taken on a whole new meaning.

Some of the stuff I found today would be considered vintage collectables and some of it just stuff I simply like. You be the judge... did I find some trash or treasure?

The first items I am going to exhibit are these great jars! I found them on the bottom shelf of one the garages having a sale. There was a little tag that read "Old Jars $1.50 each". I am not real up on prices of antiques but the few times that I have seen these for sale lately they have wanted alot more than $1.50. Some of you seasoned buyers and sellers will have to let me know if I got a good deal or not.


I seem to be partial to the ones that have the date on them. This one says July 14, 1908.

Maybe someone can tell me who made this little jar. It was with the rest of them but did not have any imprints. I just thought it was cute, and when I asked the guy about it he threw it in for free.

Now for the next exhibit. My samsonite luggage in a pretty blue. I see alot of luggage but have never seen one in blue and never in this good of condition. Had to have it!

Even had the key!

I could just picture it sitting open in my craft room full of goodies that I have gotten from dear friends on the internet and swaps... I almost forgot to tell you the price... $5.00.

I have been on the hunt for wooden shelves in good condition that I can repaint and shabby up a bit. Here is one of my finds today for $2.00. I will have to post again after I give it a make-over and let you know how it turned out.

Last and least....

Here is a blue shelf I picked up for "free". Price doesn't get any better than that! I really like the wire in the heart cutout. Going to paint and shabby this up a bit to.

Total today is $14.50.

You tell me, Trash or Treasure?

Until Next Time... Take Care!

New Look...

I am in love with my new banner! It just added so much and gave it a whole new look. Did I tell you that I love it? Yes, of course I did...  It would not have been possible without my new friend, Margaret. If you would like to see some more beauty check out her blog, "Ewenique".  I am sure you will be as impressed as I was the first time I stopped in for a visit.

Thank you so much Margaret! When I asked you for some help in creating my banner I had no idea that you would actually do it for me. It was such a surprise to come home yesterday and find this in my email. I can not thank you enough.

Until Next Time... Take Care!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Vintage Angel Card

I created several cards for my angel, Karen, this week. However, none of them seemed to be "right". I don't care if you create cards, scrapbook pages, jewelry or toilet paper, you know what I mean when i say nothing seemed "right". It usually takes me awhile to create anything from design to finish because I am always second guessing myself, but this was ridiculous!

I wanted to have it done yesterday, because tomorrow we are picking her up to go play bingo and it will be the first time I have seen her since she gave Glenn and I her wedding ring. So, the card pictured above is what I came up with... What do you think? Before you decide, here are a few more views.

This a closeup of the flowers that I made by layering Prima Flowers and adding a pearls to the centers.

And then this final picture is a close up of the tag that states "You Are". On the inside of the card I stamped the rest of the sentiment which states "Extraordinary". This could not be more true. She is most definitely an extraordinary woman. One does not meet woman like her often.

What I liked about the photo above is it really showed off how I painted on Crackle Accents to give the picture a subtle crackle effect. Love that stuff!

Wish us luck tomorrow at bingo. After last week we are going to need it. LOL!

Until Next Time... Take Care!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Gift

It's here! I was working on a card to take to my newest family member, Karen,  when I heard the familiar sound of my mailbox closing shut. Being a craft swapper and online shopper the mail is always a pretty exciting time of the day. Yes, I have a life... Anyway today was extra special. I received the tag that Cindy Adkins made me for her Surprise Day that she usually holds at her crafting blog site, Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings. However this time she had her Surprise Day at her inspirational site, I Owe it All to Him, because of a link party that I participated in last week. Here is my Vintage Tag.

Isn't it beautiful... I am so lucky to receive such an amazing gift. The Lord has definately blessed  me this last week in so many ways. Below is a close up view. Cindy even included a bingo card, because that is where Glenn and I met Karen.

The tag even came in a decorated package that I can store my tag in for safe keeping. (Pictured below)

For those of you that have not been following my blog, last week I was given an amazing gift from a very special lady named Karen. From that story came so many blessings. If you are interested please read my blog posts titled, "The Angel Named Karen" and "The Gift". You will not only know the story behind why I received the honor of Cindy making me this tag for the Surprise Day on her blogsite, I Owe it All to Him, but I believe that you will be inspired and have a renewed faith that there are angels among us.

Thank you Cindy! You are an amazing woman. I am so blessed to have met you.

Until next time... Take Care! 

Gypsy Angel

A dear friend of mine, Kim, has redone her blog, Gypsy Angel.  I could not be happier for her. When I was reading up on how to blog, because a little over 2 weeks ago I had never had one and quite honestly had not read very many of them, yet time and time again I would read that the best advice is to be true to yourself when creating your blog. When I received the email that she had redone her sight today with the help of our new friend, Cindy Adkins at I Owe it All to Him, I hopped on over to see what was up.

I was in awe at the changes she had made. And although the physical changes as well as the name has changed, the most important thing is her voice has changed. It's the Kim that I share thoughts and ideas with everyday. It's the Kim that loves the lord and loves to craft. Plain and simple, it's Kim.  So, please let me introduce you to a dear friend, Kim and her new site, Gypsy Angel. I am sure you will be as impressed as I am with the changes she has made.

The photo above was cropped from a card I made for a friend, shortly after I first found my love for making cards.

Congratulations Kim!

Until next time... Take Care! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Black & White Birthday Card

Yes, that is a black and white card in the picture above... I have made a Black & White Birthday Card. For those of you that have not been able to read my older posts, I had put myself on a restriction from making black & white papercrafts. It's the only colors I seem to be inspired by these days and I wanted to get out of a rut. In my defense though, a customer saw the black and white birthday card with the cake at my Etsy Shop. However, it wasn't what he was looking for, but he loved the look of black and white.  I agreed to make him a more classic card for his mothers birthday. It had to be done by tomorrow morning, which I didn't mind. He is a good friend of Glenn's, and I was happy to get the order.

Below are a few more views of the card.

Above is the banner on the card. I love the dimension of the butterflys and the pearl embellishments.

I embossed the two butterflies on the upper portion of the card to match the first layer, but the one on the bottom was handstamped using the same stamp I used for the background image.

The supplies that I used for this card are the white 65 pound cardstock that I always use for the base of my cards. It makes such a difference in the quality of a handmade card when you use the heavier weight cardstock. Black cardstock, black felt specialty paper, black satin ribbon, white organza ribbon, black archival ink, small and medium sized pearls, hand punched butterflies.

The tools that I used are the "Floral Fantasy" Cuttlebug embossing folder and my Cuttlebug. (I love my cuttlebug!) The background image is a stamp by Anna Griffin, the sentiment is also by Anna Griffin and comes from the "Sending You: Sentiments Statements" Set. For the tag I used my Cricut Machine along with the "Sweethearts" cartridge and the butterflies were made using a punch by Marvy.

Hope that you are inspired by this card to create something absolutely fantastic today! If you are I would love to see what you came up with based on this design.

Your comments are a gift to me and I am always excited to read each and every one. For those of you that have been leaving me the gift of your word and supporting this newbie, I thank you!

Until next time... Take Care! 

The Gift

When Glenn and I arrived home this evening I settled in and turned on my computer to check a few emails before calling it a night. One of my many messages was from my new friend, Cindy Atkins. She asked me to come to her blog, I Owe it All to Him, that she had something for me there. I had no idea the gift that I was about to receive.

What was waiting there for me was a message stating that she was having a "Surprise Day" and that it was to congratulate Glenn and I on our engagement. She made us the most beautiful vintage tag. I could never do justice explaining the message or the beauty of the tag that she has created for us. She is such a talented artist. Her work definitely inspired me to create the inspirational bookmark in the photo above.

Please visit Cindy at her blog, I Owe it All to Him, to view The Gift that she has made for Glenn and I. Oh, and one more thing, please don't forget to leave her a comment. 

Glenn and I are so blessed!

Until next time... Take Care!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blended Batik Monochromatic Tag Tutorial

On my Yahoo! Group, PBS Swappers, a fairly new papercraft swap group, we did a monochromatic project challenge for week #30.  For my project I chose to do a Blended Batik Monochromatic Tag. A few of the members were wanting the directions, so here they are. Be easy on me this is my first tutorial.

Pictured above is the finished Blended Batik Monochromatic Tag.

Pictured above are a few of the supplies that are used for this project. Tim Holtz Distressed Inks in "walnut stain", "worn lipstick", "fired brick" and the embossing ink. Tim Holtz Distressed Embossing Powder in "fired brick" and Clear Embossing Powder by Ala Mode.  The Tim Holtz Blending Tool, the Ranger craft mat, a tag, Tim Holtz Clear Stamps "Regal Flourish" and a wood mounted background stamp by Anna Griffen.

Not pictured above, you will also need a stamp with sentiment, acrylic block for clear stamps, a iron, a piece of  newspaper, a heat gun and a piece of paper or tray to catch the embossing powder with.


First you will take your "fired brick" distressed ink pad and with the blending tool you will ink your tag along the sides. Be sure to use your craft sheet when blending the ink. I stamp some color onto my craft mat and work the ink into the tag with a circular motion for a well blended look. Using your heat gun, dry the tag thoroughly before going on.

Next you will ink your background stamp with the clear embossing ink and apply to your tag, using even pressure for a clean and crisp handstamped print.

After applying the clear embossing ink you will then apply the clear embossing powder. Next you will turn your tag over your tray or your piece of paper and shake the tag to get the excess embossing powder off. I usually like to give the back of my project a few good flicks with my fingers.

You will now melt the clear embossing powder with your heat gun.

This is a close up shot of your tag. If you look closely you can see the difference between the left hand side of the tag, where the clear embossing powder is melted and the right hand corner where it is not.

Next you will take your distressed ink in "worn lipstick" and ink the entire tag. Again, work with your craft mat by applying ink to the mat first and work your blending tool into the ink and onto your tag in a circular motion for a blended, even look.


See how the embossed image resists the ink in the photo above?

Next you will place a piece of newspaper print on top of your tag and with your iron on high, iron over your tag. This will remelt the embossing powder and absorb it into the newspaper, which gives you your Blended Batik look. Continue to iron and slowly remove the newspaper while it is still hot. If you wait till it is cool it will stick. Simply get it hot again and it will come right off.

Above is a close-up view of what your tag and newspaper will look like after you use the iron. See how the newspaper absorbed the melted embossing powder?


Next ink the right side of the wings with clear distress embossing ink and handstamp directly onto your tag. This is what is nice about clear stamps. You can see exactly where you want your image to be placed.


You will then sprinkle on your distressed embossing powder in "fired brick".  After you have your image covered completely, turn your project over and shake the extra off onto your tray or paper. Next melt the embossing powder with your heat tool. The above is a close up view of what your project will look like after the embosssing powder is melted. You can not overheat distressed embossing powder.

A Tip: You always want to make sure that you shake up your distressed embossing powder before you use it to make sure that all the powder and release crystals get mixed up evenly, or when you get to the end of your bottle you will not have enough of the release crystals for the proper effect.

You will then take the flourish image from your clear stamp set and stamp on random spots on your tag with distressed ink in "fired brick". I stamped once in the upper right and left hand corners and the lower right corner as well.

Using your distress ink in "walnut stain" you will stamp the sentiment, "believe".

Your final step is to apply ribbon and fibers to the tag. I used a 1/4" red organza ribbon and two different kinds of white fibers by Making Memories.

Above is another view of your finished Blended Batik Monochromatic Tag. I guess I could of threw in the word distressed in there to but it would have been a little much.

I Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments section and I will be happy to get back with you. Of course comments are always welcomed and considered a gift.

Until Next time... Take Care! 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Angel Named Karen

I wanted to introduce you to an angel that Glenn and I met while playing bingo a few months ago, her name is Karen. When we first started to play she sat right by us, or should I say we sat by her, and we would chat a little. After time went by we started looking forward to seeing her every friday and saturday morning, getting to know her a little better with every visit. Why is she an angel? you may ask. Let me introduce you and then I will explain why.

In my defense I did not take this picture, but wanted to introduce you properly all the same. She would probably have my hide if she knew I posted it... LOL! Back to why she is an angel. Yesterday morning she asked Glenn, my fiance, if she could ask him a personal question. He said, "of course". She asked when we were going to get married. Glenn was caught off gaurd and didn't know what to say and passed the buck over to me. I was just as caught off gaurd and did not ever give her an adequate answer, but what she did next still brings tears to my eyes just typing about it. She took her wedding ring off her finger and told me she wanted me to have it. I told her I could not accept it, but she would have no part of me saying no. She explained she had no living relatives. She had lost her only daughter to illness, her only son to a drunk driver and her husband a long time ago. I was so taken aback I could only swallow back the tears and say Thank You. When I told her I didn't know what to say she said Thank You was enough.

I have a 3/4 kt diamond with another 1/4 kt. of diamonds that is my engagement ring/wedding ring that Glenn and I both bought second hand that I had to have. However it does not compare to my new ring.


And the date is set for January 23rd 2011! Exactly 3 years after we officially got together! Karen will be there because she now and always will have a family... Glenn and I. 

Thanks for sharing this special time with me. I couldn't be happier and feel more blessed to have Glenn and Karen, our angel, in my life!

To read more inspirational stories please go to Christy's Link Party at her blog, I owe it all to him.

Until next time... Take Care!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

I love garage sales, flea markets, anywhere that I can find those unexpected treasures that some would call trash. Trash! Can you imagine? All those beautiful vintage items with the paint peeling off, metal items with a little rust, out of date magazines and old worn books. There are those that call that Trash... The nerve! The lord has given me the gift to see outside the box. To see the beauty in these pieces, the art waiting to be created, items waiting to be refurbished and all the possibilities.

I was on my way to the store this morning and came across a yard sale sign, which is rare in my area on a Thursday. We whipped the car around and headed north. Yard sale, here we come! 

The treasure, pictured below, was the first thing that caught my eye from the street. It's a tension rod that stands anywhere with baskets and hooks to hang things on. Before I could even get to it, I had this organizer placed next to my desk, full of craft items, my most recent magazines that are always taking up to much space on my desk in the bottom basket, ribbon hanging from the hooks and wishing I had more room!

When I saw the price tag said $3.00, I thought "sold"! As much as I love a good garage sale I am pretty picky about what I buy. I am usually lucky to find more than a few items in one day let alone at one garage sale. Not to far from the organizer was a couple of great glass jars, pictured below. I am a real visual person and being able to see my craft items gives me inspiration.

What made it even better, was the price at $1.25 for both jars. A few years back I was forced to sell my home. I had built shallow shelves and placed them all over one wall to store and view my mounted stamps. I loved my wall of stamps and have really missed being able to just look at them and create projects in my head. There was a great shallow shelf at the sale today, pictured below, that is going to allow me to at least be able to put up a few of my favorites. Price... $2.00.


I had already paid for my treasures and was on my way out when I saw these great little white shutters, pictured below. I had to have them. For what? I am not sure to tell you the truth. I just knew that I had to have them, for some great project in the future. Can anyone relate? A matter of fact if you have any ideas for these wonderfully old shutters, I would sure appreciate it.


How much did I pay for the pair? I paid $5.00, which is more than I paid for anything else, but like I said... I just had to have them! I also picked up a few copies of Rubber Stamper, Stampington Inspirations, Papercrafts and a few Close To My Heart idea books for .10 cents each.

The grand total today was $12.25! I love that! Well, now I am off to get my new treasures put up and stuffed with craft supplies, mount my shelf on the wall and browse through my old magazines.  How much fun is that? Again, if you have any ideas for my new shutters I would sure appreciate them. When I do, do whatever it is I am going to do to them, I will let you all know and post some pictures.

Thanks for taking the time to visit me today. Your comments are a gift to me. Plus, I am really excited to hear all the different ideas you all have for my great shutters. Until next time... Take Care! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

My granddaughter came to spend the night and she lost a tooth! Well, being away from home she did not have her tooth fairy pillow and was concerned that the tooth fairy would not know how to find her tooth without it. Well, we couldn't have that! Being the crafty person that I am I jumped at the chance to put together a tooth fairy tin. She helped pick out the elements and proved once again that we have another papercrafter in the family!

Above is a picture of my granddaughter, Destiny, showing of her new smile. Below is a picture of the Tooth Fairy Tin we created together.

We just know for sure that the tooth fairy is going to have no problem finding her tooth with all this bling!

The tin was filled with metal tags at one time. The pattern paper on the side is actually a border sticker from the Brenda Walton Collection, while the top is a tag and the word sticker that says "imagine" is from her collection too. The flower stickers, butterfly and the tooth are all from Jolee's By You and the bling is by Mark Richards.

Destiny reminded me so much like myself when I first started papercrafting. She wanted to put the whole package of bling on. I don't know about you but when I first started I didn't know when to stop when it came to embellishments, stickers and such! I look back at my work then and I have to laugh a little, but I wouldn't trade those first scrapbook pages for anything.

Thanks for visiting! Your comments are like a gift and I treasure them all. Don't forget to leave your contact information if you would like for me to reply. Until next time... Take Care!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camping Trip

We just got back from our camping trip. I had wanted to post pictures of my last camping trip but my pictures did not turn out real well. I was hoping for some amazing pictures to share with you and while there are a few good ones, amazing is stretching it and the others, well, let's just say hopefully August's camping trip photos are better. We had a great time though and my family came up for a weenie roast, so that was a lot of fun. Here are some photos of the trip for you to view.

Above is a picture of my 2 year old granddaughter Jazmine. She has her own personality to say the least. We decided to go for a walk before dinner. At the end of the trail is the Lewis River. We were all taking our sandels off to wade in the water and trying to coax Jazmine to join us. As you can see she just wasn't to sure if she wanted to or not. Eventually she joined her sister, Destiny. Destiny is my 6 year old granddaughter. Unlike Jazmine she has no fear of the water and could not wait to get in and try it out. Below Destiny is finally talking her sister into joining her in on the fun. Once Jazmine got used to it they really had a great time. We all had a great time!

Pictured below is my fiance Glenn and the girls. On the way back we all took a little break, stopping at one of the benches along the trail. I knew Jazmine will eat just about anything, but a stick?

Next is a photo of the beautiful woman who has blessed me with my grandchildren, my daughter, Jaclyn. I am so proud of the young woman, mother and daughter that she has become.

I was so happy when my parents said they were going to come up and have dinner with us. I do not get to spend as much time with them as I would like to. They have been married for 47 years and are still in love. I may be to late to make the 47 years, but I hope to still be happy and in love when I reach that time in my life.

My Fiance, Glenn (pictured below) and I love to camp. Lately I spend so much time on my crafts, my Yahoo! Papercraft Swap Group and getting my Etsy Shop,  Scrapping With Sherry started that this is the only time we can get away from all of that and just concentrate on us and our relationship. It really is good for us, and I cherish this time together. But I still would not trade my crafts, the Yahoo! Group or my Etsy Shop for anything in the world. Without it I am not whole. I need to create to be me!

Thank you for visiting Scrapping With Sherry! I am having so much fun with this blog and appreciate you stopping by. Your comments are important to me. I love to hear from other people and reading comments from people who share the same passions that I do. Until next time... Take Care!
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