Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Look...

I am in love with my new banner! It just added so much and gave it a whole new look. Did I tell you that I love it? Yes, of course I did...  It would not have been possible without my new friend, Margaret. If you would like to see some more beauty check out her blog, "Ewenique".  I am sure you will be as impressed as I was the first time I stopped in for a visit.

Thank you so much Margaret! When I asked you for some help in creating my banner I had no idea that you would actually do it for me. It was such a surprise to come home yesterday and find this in my email. I can not thank you enough.

Until Next Time... Take Care!


  1. I love the new banner, pretty pretty. That was super nice of your friend. :)
    Hugs, Kim

  2. wow -- only 3 weeks of blogging!? really!? you are a natural and your blog is lovely!

    thanks so much for stopping by. happy blogging!


  3. Oh Sherry, it is gorgeous!!! Margaret is soooo talented!!!
    And what a wonderful friend..she is a blessing in my life.

  4. I was admiring the blog header as well. That cute girl and all that wild hair!
    Was wondering if it might be you?

  5. Your blog design is beautiful, own is quite plain and needs some zing! It's very good to meet you...thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words about my post. I truly am passionate about you, I have tons of craft books and magazines, especially Somerset Studio and its sister mags..I pore through them endlessly. And it must be admitted, that in spite of my stated beliefs, I, too, am addicted to blogland..I just started this year...and push myself to exercise far less often than I should!

    I'm so pleased to have you as a Bloggerette sister and have signed up to follow you. Now I'm off to check out more of your posts. Talk to you soon...



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