Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friends From Far Away...

Do you know how special it is to open your mailbox and find a card from a friend? A friend from far away... a friend that has taken the time to make you a handmade card...  A special handmade card that she has taken the time to send to you and let you know that she is thinking of you... whether it is a time of joy or a time of despair. It is a feeling that is hard to beat. It's a hug from far away... it's one friend saying to another you matter to me.

The lord has blessed me to have such a friend... Kim B. from Gypsy Angel. She made me the card above.  We met at the beginning of the summer and in such a short time have shared so much. The lord placed Kim in my life for more reasons than one and I am so thankful. 

If you can relate with the words that I have written today, let those friends know how special they are to you. A few lines in a email could be enough, or maybe you to want to take the time to make and send them a handmade card. If you cannot relate, I pray that the lord blesses you like he has me.

Until Next Time... Take Care! 


  1. Aww, that is just too precious for words!!! And I know you must have been so excited! Kim is so talented and makes such beautiful cards--but on top of that---she has a beautiful heart!


  2. lol we must have been leaving each other messages at the same time!
    Yes, you'll love the challenge--so fun...try to do it if you have time...It began today and goes all week. xox

  3. Oh so sweet, I am so glad that I met you and have you to share so much with my dear friend.


Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment. Each and every one is like finding a gift in my mailbox. ~Sherry

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