Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elegant Gold Butterfly Bookmark or Pink and Black Floral Bookmark?

Not to long ago, Lesley was asking for some feedback for her Etsy Shop, Butterfly Garden Creations.
She asked us to list 10 of our favorite bookmarks on her blog site, also named Butterfly Garden Creations, in the hopes that it would help her to be more prepared for the holiday's. In return we would be entered into a drawing and have the opportunity to win any bookmark she has listed in her shop.

Well, guess who helped out with the marketing research? Yep...  OK, now guess who won the drawing for the bookmark? NO.... It was me!

Of course I could not make up my mind which bookmark I wanted. It was between the Elegant Gold Butterfly Bookmark, pictured above and below, or the Pink and Black  Floral Laminated Bookmark.

So, I told Lesley, to surprise me.  As you can see I received the Elegant Gold Butterfly Bookmark, and could not have been happier. I think the photo above really shows off just how pretty the gold butterflys are. 

Lesley even added my initails to the top. She used an L instead of an F because I am getting married this upcoming January. Wow, that is just right around the corner huh?

Thanks so much for the bookmark Lesley.  I hope that your holidays are filled with sales!

Until Next Time... Take Care !


  1. Isn't it fun to be a winner. Congratulations.
    ALso congrats on getting married.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Sherry! I hope you enjoy the bookmark- I enjoyed making it for you!

  3. Hi Sherry, Congrats to you! Gosh it's a very pretty bookmark that she made for you! Have a wonderful rest of your evening.

  4. Oh wow, how exciting!! And I love her butterfly...gorgeous!!!

  5. Congrats on winning that amazing bookmark.
    Blessings Bernie


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