Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Favorite Word

Cindy Adkins is having a link party at her blog, I Owe it All to Him. This week's link party is
"What is your favorite word?" I have literally known about this for a while now, but  as usual I could not decide what word I wanted to use. I can be so undecisive sometimes. It really drives me nuts! 

I finally came up with one, which is a good thing, it ends tonight! My word is Hope. Why? For one it is such a positive word. Even when times are tough, as long as I have hope, then there is inspiration to keep going. I know that things will work out. 

Just like this tag states... To have confidence. This is so true for me. When I have hope, I have a positive outlook. When I have a postive outlook, I then have confidence in the situation and myself. Hope gives you something to wish for. When you have hope... anything is possible! 

Thank you Cindy for giving me something to think about this week. Thank you for giving me hope!

I made this inspirational tag I call "Hope" for Cindy's link party. I used the different shades of brown Tim Holtz Distress Inks, the blended batik technique, various stamps, Prima flowers and MM fibers. One of the reasons I included the close up, above, is so that you could see the shimmer I added to the tag using a shimmer mist I made with water and Perfect Pearls blended in my Mini Misters.

Until Next Time... Take Care!


  1. What a gorgeous tag and your wording is so true!

  2. An excellent word and a beautiful presentation. Would love to see it in person as I know photos don't do justice.

  3. Great word!! I pondered for a long time on a favorite word and was absolutely blank. When I read yours I had to slap myself on the forehead!

  4. Hi Sherry. Thank you for coming by my blog for a visit. Your work is very pretty, I scrapbook but have never spent much time doing other paper crafts, your tutorial is great as it helps me see the process. I am a quilter, but I love to dabble in many different things. Glad you joined the Bloggerettes, I still have not made all the rounds, but I do find members as I visit Pink Saturday posts and Were Bloggers Create posts. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, it is wonderful to be happy (though not perfect). What a beautiful gift Karen gave to you, she no doubt thinks you are a pretty special couple.
    Hugs and Gods blessings

  5. Hi Sherry, Thanks for visiting. What a wonderful post. I love the other definition of hope on your tag "To wish for something with expectation of it's fullfillment". I think that is what faith is all about. Belief that what you want will come true. Thanks for the inspiration! Pam

  6. Hi Sherry, thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit - I actually just gave my blog a complete facelift yesterday (really took me all day Friday and part of Saturday - such is the life for someone who is html challenged) LOL!

    My Giveaway is not really all that big - I am asking for help on thoughts about the phrase I have posted - I need ideas for a project I am doing and I am pulling together a little gift to give to a random contributor. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Please!

    Your blog is quite lovely, and welcome to the Sorority! I joined just after the "Rush" so I missed it as well but I am sure there will be plenty of things to keep us busy in the days ahead :D I haven't made all the rounds to all our sisters yet either, which reminds me I need to get back to that.

    It is nice to have new friends so I am sure we will be talking again, as sisters do : D
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  7. Hi Sherry,
    This tag is GORGEOUS!!! Positively beautiful and the message it holds is one that we can all use on a daily, maybe even hourly basis!

    Now, that is FOUR of us whose favorite word is hope...isn't that amazing? (Mine is in Spanish but means the same thing.) I am always so moved that words have feelings attached and we can all embrace them in our own way--especially words like hope, faith, deliverance, many words for concepts that shape our lives.

  8. Beautiful word and a beautiful work of art. Thanks for stopping by Gail-Friends. I look forward to getting to know you.

  9. As I read your post I thought about what my word would be.
    And I said to myself HOPE. The I saw that that was the word you choose. Wow.
    My first grandchild was born without a heartbeat for 8 minutes. She survived and is totally fine. When she was born her middle name was Hope....her other grandmother was battling breast cancer. Little did we know how much meaning this one little word would bring to all of us.

  10. Sherry,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.
    I am enjoying your lovely blog as well. the colors and the design are just beautiful.
    Please keep in touch. Bloggerette friends are the best. I look forward to many more posts.
    Blessings to you today.

    in Grace,

  11. Hi Sweet Sherry,,Thanks so much for the note at my blog and the compliments too!!!
    Yours gives a very delightful welcoming feeling ,,,cozy and the tag is great too.
    I am still not sure if I should have joined up with the bloggerette sorority as I have no lovely scrapping design cards,,designing and coloring is all I do.. Anyhoo's I had hopes of meeting special ladies and to possibly make some friends along the way..
    So THANKS much for stopping by , hope we can get to know each other better.
    Blessings and Hugs Dena

  12. Hi Sherry!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! And welcome to Blog-ville and Bloggerettes! You are gonna love it. Bloggers are the sweetest gals ever. I love all your beautiful creations and will be back often to check on you.:)

  13. Hi! I love the word Hope. Without it life would be depressing! Beautiful tag too!

  14. Hi, Sherry,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is beautiful and you're doing GREAT if you've only been at this a short time! I just started blogging less than a year ago so I'm fairly new to this also!

    Love you tag too!

  15. Your tag is gorgeous!!!! And, of course, I LOVE your word.

    Isn't it funny that we both have the same word---hope---and Cindy's favorite word is the Spanish version of "hope." Truly, "hope" is an anchor for so many of us.


  16. Your hope tag is gorgeous, and I couldn't agree with you more - Hope is such a positive word. Beautiful post!!

  17. OH, Sherry! What a magnificent work of art!! I love your tag, and of course, I would have chosen that word too. With a major legal battle against the govt for four years, I have come to know that word from the inside out! Your blog is wonderful--you must have a knack for it! I am new to Bloggerettes and have a good deal learn about them. haha
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad you like the starfishy.
    A blog train is simply a group of bloggers who have something to share... we connect and everyone blogs about it with the list of blogs to visit- every stop on the train..get it? :D
    Circle Of Life Scraps -scrapbook blog
    and Life Unbleached -Art blog( blogger blog)

  18. Hope is a great word. It sure gives us something to hold on to, thank goodness!

  19. Sherry, hope it a wonderful favorite word. Without hope, life would be very dark and scary. You are so right. With hope we can have the needed inspiration to keep going. Also, I love your beautiful tag with the shimmer.

  20. Hi Sherry:

    Hope is a lovely word and your tags are beautiful. Such talent!


  21. Hi Sherry,
    There's a girl named Amanda and I tried to write to her (she found me through your blog.)...Her blog says it's not accessible...All I wanted to tell her is how to enter the challenges...If you could reach her, could you please ask her to email me?
    I don't know how else to do it...
    Thanks so much!!!

  22. Thank you Sherry--I did it--yay!!! Thanks a million!!!

  23. Hi, I am so happy to be here at your blog.
    It is set up very nicely.
    I enjoyed todays posting. the book mark is awesome.. and I am glad to be following you.. I love meeting another christian blogger.. Blessings.. Darene xo

  24. Sherry~
    You said it all - hope!! I feel the exact same way - when we are at the very bottom and all we have is hope, then that is enough!!
    rock on!

  25. A lovely and encouraging word - one that is part of the Bible memory verses activities for grandparents and their grandchildren that my grandkids and I are enjoying - the "Love Is" passage in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 and 13, including 13a - "now faith, hope, love, abide these three..." So hope is big in my mind this week as well :)

    Absolutely loved the tags as well! Gave me some fun ideas for my grandkids :)

  26. Nicely done! I just got done visiting another blog, by coincidence, that posted to the favorite word link party. How fun! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and will be sure to stop by again, soon.

    Hope- real hope. Have a great week. beth

  27. Hi Sherry. thanks for visiting my blog. I really like your tag alot--it is such a rich dark color!

  28. Thank you so much for the inspirational word! We need to remember to have hope in these hard times!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your fabulous comment :) I'm also a new "sister" and haven't had a chance to meet too many girls but I look forward to it! "Welcome"!

  29. Thanks Sherry for visiting my blog! I love your tag. HOPE is fabulous word! Totally universal and never overused! I love tags and I will be listing a BUNCH of them in my etsy shop near the end of August and throughout September. Please stop by and visit my blog anytime. I am following yours now and happy to get to know you better!

  30. Hello Sherry! Really love your blog banner and design. Just reviewed your posts and I can see that you really enjoy alot of multi-media an card making. Your craft space looks very organized as well...that's a cool thang ;) I've added your blog to my google reader so that I can keep up with my Sista. Take care and have a wonderful week, fondly, Roberta

  31. Beautiful artwork, Sherry, and great choice of word! Hope is what keeps us going through hard times, and what inspires us to always do our best.

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! I have been married for forty-two years and my husband is still my best friend. I wish you both the same...


  32. It's nice to meet you Sherry, I came over from Diane Knotts blog,,WElcome to blogland. Hope is what we need,,to live,,what a beautiful tag Sherry.
    Joy in your day!

  33. Wow, what a beautiful tag! And a perfect favorite word! Hope is something everyone needs in their life! Have a great day!


  34. Hi Sherry! It is nice to "meet" you, and welcome to blogging. You are going to love it. I really appreciate your visit. I haven't had much chance to get around to visit my blog sisters...I joined before "rush" but had some major life issues to deal with at that time. I look forward to getting to know you better.


  35. Oops...forgot to tell you that I love the tag, and the word hope is a wonderful choice.

  36. HI! Thanks for visiting my blog and so glad I found yours too! Lovely work..

  37. Love the word love the tag!
    Youave aneautiful to meet you.


  38. Sherry it's nice to meet you! Thank you very much for your kind visit to my blog. You are always welcome anytime my friend.

    Your blog is just beautiful! I'll be back!

    Blessings to you and yours.
    Warmly, ~Melissa :)


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